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SAINT LUCIA BUCKET LIST: 21 Best Things To Do in St Lucia

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Saint Lucia has everything you could dream of on a tropical island. This gorgeous Caribbean island is famous for the UNESCO-listed twin peaks of the Pitons, a drive-in volcano, and more than 22 dive sites. It has an authentic Creole culture, countless banana plantations, hidden waterfalls, and beautiful beaches. Let’s dive into the best things to do in St Lucia and unlock the secrets of this pretty island.

things to do in St Lucia

St Lucia offers endless adventures above and below the water. Leave touristy Rodney Bay and go to the southwestern part of the island. This is where you will find the island’s little gems.



Did you know Saint Lucia is the only country in the world named after a woman? This small island also has the second-highest number of Nobel Prize winners per capita.


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The best unique things to do in St Lucia

Saint Lucia is a perfect destination for relaxing on the beach. St Lucia beaches are gorgeous, but this mango-shaped island is also ideal for sightseeing and exploring. These are the best attractions you need to try.


1. Drive into a volcano

best things to do in St Lucia - Sulphur Springs Park

One of the first attractions most people head to in St Lucia is the Sulphur Springs Park, and there is a reason for that. The Sulphur Springs near Soufriere is the most active and hottest geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles. But don’t worry – the last recorded eruption was in the 18th century. The Soufriere Volcano collapsed more than 40,000 years ago. Now, it produces only bubbling mud and an unpleasant sulphur odour.

Sulphur Springs Park

The steaming pools and bubbling mud lie on the weak spot of the crust of the collapsed crater. The mud can reach a temperature of 170 °C (338 °F). 


Visiting the Sulphur Springs is one of the best unique things to do in St Lucia because it is the only “drive-in” volcano on the island. This world-famous attraction is also the only drive-in volcano in the Caribbean and one of a few in the world. 

St Lucia attractions - Sulphur Springs Park

Drive up to the edge of the springs, park up, and walk just a few steps from the crater. Until the mid-1990s, it was possible to walk over the crater. But due to an accident, now you need to stay behind the fence. 


2. Take a mud bath at Sulphur Springs Park things to do in St Lucia - take a mud bath at Sulphur Springs Park 

These famous mud baths are not just for fun – they can do wonders for your skin. 


After seeing the volcano, take a mud bath at Sulphur Springs Park. Just a short walk from the springs, you can dip in the mineral-rich black water pools. While their water temperature is still hot (around 45°C or 110 °F), it is cool enough to enter. 

You are right to think these world-famous mud baths have healing powers. They help to heal sunburn, eczema and even sore joints. They also offer a unique experience. That is why taking a mud bath at Sulphur Springs Park is one of the best things to do in St Lucia.

unique things to do in St Lucia - Sulphur Springs Park

Take a dip in the warm waters, cover your body with the mud, and wash off in one of the hot pools. There are a few to choose from, and they have a different temperature. 



We recommend you wear a dark bathing suit if you plan to take a mud bath. 



As you can expect, the Soufriere Sulphur Springs Park is one of the most overcrowded St Lucia tourist attractions. Hundreds of tourists flock here to take a mud bath. It is never the intimate experience you would hope for. That is why we recommend you come here early in the morning or in the afternoon after all cruise ship passengers leave.


3. Cool off at Toraille Waterfall

best things to do in St Lucia -Toraille Waterfall

Toraille Waterfall surrounded by lush greenery


After having fun in the warm waters, cool off in one of the waterfalls. One of the most accessible waterfalls in St Lucia is Toraille Waterfall – it’s only a quick two-minute walk from the main road. Why you should come here? Because this 15-metre tall waterfall offers stunning views along a nature trail. 

St Lucia attractions -Toraille Waterfall

Toraille Waterfall is a nice change if you need a break from the island’s beaches.



Visiting Toraille Waterfall is one of the best things to do in St Lucia for nature lovers. This is one of the popular attractions on full-day or half-day sightseeing tours. Therefore, when you come in the middle of the day, you will find there many tourists. That’s why we recommend you visit this waterfall either in the morning or near closing time. 

  • OPENING TIMES: every day from 9 am – 5 pm
  • ENTRANCE FEE: $6 EC (USD 3) for an adult, as of May 2024
  • Toraille Waterfall not only has parking spaces but also toilets and changing rooms.


3. Visit the Diamond Botanical Gardens & Mineral Baths

best things to do in St Lucia - Diamond Botanical Gardens and Mineral Baths

If you love nature, head east out of Soufriere town and visit the Diamond Botanical Gardens. These beautiful gardens were originally part of the Soufriere Estate, given to the Devaux family by King Louis XIV of France. They laid out these gardens around the mineral-rich bath, built for King Louis XVI’s soldiers.

Follow the path around the well-labelled gardens and relax in the mineral baths. The Diamond Botanical Gardens have also an impressive waterfall – make sure you don’t miss it.

unique things to do in St Lucia -Diamond Waterfall


Did you know the stream of Diamond Waterfall is a mixture of rainwater and volcanism, fed by the nearby mineral-rich Sulphur Springs? That is why the rock face of the Diamond Waterfall changes colour – depending on the mineral content. 


Exploring the Diamond Botanical Gardens and Mineral Baths is one of the best unique things to do in St Lucia because they offer gorgeous views. What’s more, these beautiful gardens have the most colourful waterfall in the Caribbean. This approximately 17 metres high waterfall is unusual because it changes colour. 


  • OPENING TIMES: Monday–Saturday: 10 am–4 pm, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10 am–3 pm. The Diamond Botanical Gardens and Minerals Baths are open every day. Visit the website for more information about the Diamond Botanical Garden.
  • ADMISSION FEE (as of May 2024): Adults: US$7 / EC$17.50, Children: Half Price
  • PRIVATE BATHS: US$7 – EC$17.50 (as of May 2024)
  • PUBLIC BATHS: US$6 – EC$15 (as of May 2024)

You can find changing rooms, toilets, a small shop and a restaurant in the Botanical Gardens. 



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The best things to do in St Lucia for nature lovers

Saint Lucia is a paradise for nature lovers. This island is an outdoor wonderland, offering numerous outdoor activities on land and water. Take a hike to discover the lush rainforest and spot rare wildlife. Enjoy a horseback ride along the sandy shores or explore the pristine reefs through scuba diving or snorkelling. But the outdoor wonders are not limited to the sea; there are also fascinating attractions on the land.


4. Anse des Pitons best things to do in St Lucia - Sugar Beach

Not only Anse des Pitons is home to the picturesque white sand Sugar Beach, but it is also a popular snorkelling site. Anse des Pitons, or the Pitons Bay in English, is famous for its spectacular underwater scenery. This famous bay has several varieties of corals and thriving ocean life. That’s why the locals protect it as a part of the National Marine Reserve

things to do in St Lucia - Anse des Pitons

Anse des Pitons has a unique location – it sits between the two Pitons. It also has a dramatic underwater landscape and is one of the best snorkelling sites in Saint Lucia.



Anse de Pitons offers perfect opportunities for swimming and snorkelling. However, you should know that the waters are deeper here than on the other beaches on the island. The towering Piton mountains also extend beneath the sea. That’s why the water is quite deep, just a few meters from the shores. 


Don’t worry if you are an inexperienced swimmer. You can see plenty of marine life in the shallow waters closer to the shore.


5. Climb one of the Piton mountains.

St Lucia attractions - Piton Mountains

There is no doubt the Piton Mountains are the top tourist attractions in St Lucia. These twin peaks with UNESCO status are the symbol of the island and the most photographed landmarks. The majority of tourists see them from the boat or from the coast. But the more adventurous spirits, you can also climb them. If you want to challenge yourself to climb one of the Pitons, you will be rewarded with gorgeous views.

But before you do that, you should know it will not be easy. While the Petit Piton (743 m, 2,438 ft) is the smaller of the two, it’s more dangerous. It is more challenging to climb because it has steep sides. The small Piton takes about 5-6 hours to climb it.

St Lucia Pitons

The Gros Piton (798 m, 2,618 ft) is the larger of the two. The climb is shorter and more manageable. But, you still need to be fit to tackle the four-hour return trip, and you will also need a guide. Therefore, if you are not an experienced climber who can do some scrambling, see the Pitons from the ground.



6. Hike the Tet Paul Nature Trail

best things to do in St Lucia - hike the Tet Paul Nature Trail

If climbing one of the Piton Mountains isn’t really your thing, but you would love to see the island’s twin towering peaks, walk the Tet Paul Nature Trail. This is a simple alternative to the Gros Piton trail, which also offers some of the most stunning views in St Lucia. From here, you can see beautiful views of the famous Sugar Beach and the small Piton. If lucky, you will also spot the neighbouring islands of Martinique and St. Vincent. 

A hillside natural trail through a working organic farm is a loop, which takes about 40 minutes to complete. Along the way, you will see a variety of tropical trees, exotic fruits and traditional medicinal plants. You will also spot a traditional house where the ancestors of Saint Lucians used to live.

Stairway to Heaven leads to a platform with a gorgeous 360-degree panoramic view

 The Tet Paul Nature Trail offers a beautiful view of the Piton Mountains and the Caribbean Sea. 



Don’t miss the “Stairway to Heaven It leads to a platform with a gorgeous 360-degree panoramic view of the countryside and the Pitons.




You can find the Tet Paul Trail in the Piton Mountain World Heritage Site, near Fond Doux Plantation, Soufriere. The path is super easy to find. Turn right from the main road towards the Fond Doux Plantation and follow the sign. But don’t forget – if you want to walk here from Fond Doux Plantation, be aware that it is a very steep and winding path.

St Lucia attractions - Tet Paul Nature Trail

Hiking the Tet Paul Nature Trail is one of the best things to do in St Lucia for nature lovers and everyone who loves beautiful views. This popular hiking trail is easy to moderate hike. It is perfect for families with young children and also groups. 

  • OPENING TIMES: every day between 8 AM – 5 PM (as of May 2024).
  • ADMISSION FEE: USD 10 or $27.00 EC per person (as of May 2024). The entry fee includes a guide who comes with you and gives you a tour.


7. Relax at the New Jerusalem Mineral Baths

unique things to do in St Lucia - New Jerusalem Mineral Baths

If you have a spare hour (or two) while exploring the Soufriere area, visit the New Jerusalem Mineral Baths. Chances are that you haven’t heard about this place, but it is one of the best attractions on the island. These natural pools with mineral-rich waters are, in fact, still one of the hidden gems in St Lucia

hidden gems in St Lucia

The New Jerusalem Mineral Baths offer a more intimate mineral bath experience. A peaceful 10-minute scenic walk through the rainforest will bring you to the mineral baths. 


hidden gems in Saint Lucia -New Jerusalem Mineral Baths

There are two warm pools with different temperatures of water and seating areas. Both pools offer gorgeous views and can seat up to 15 people. Plus, there are no time limits on your stay in the baths. 


Finding New Jerusalem Mineral Baths is one of the best unique things to do in St Lucia if you seek serenity. We recommend you to visit this place if you appreciate nature.


  • The baths are locally owned and managed.
  • The trail to the mineral baths is not well-marked.
  • A changing area and toilettes are on the site.
  • Entry Fee: $7.50 EC (USD 3) for the locals, everyone else $10 EC (USD 4), as of May 2024. If you just want to have a look without bathing, it will cost you $5 EC (USD 2). 


8. Take off in an aerial gondola

If you are not scared of heights, there is one more attraction you should try in Saint Lucia. Book an open-air aerial tram ride above St. Lucia’s rainforest. An aerial gondola offers a thrilling experience and a gorgeous bird’s eye view of the tropical rainforest. There are 16 gondolas which can seat up to 8 people and a guide who will point out the beautiful sights beneath you. 

This eco-friendly attraction for all ages is an ideal way to explore the rich biodiversity of Saint Lucia’s rainforest without strenuous hikes. Because of that, taking a tram ride at Rainforest Adventures is one of the best things to do in St Lucia for nature lovers.



Don’t forget to take insect repellent, sunscreen, a camera, hiking shoes and binoculars with you. Also, you need to book a tour at least a day in advance.



9. Piton Waterfall

things to do in St Lucia - Piton Waterfall

Saint Lucia has numerous waterfalls, yet one stands out more than the others. About thirty feet (9 metres) high Piton Waterfall has warm waters. And here’s the fantastic part— it’s not touristy. 

Piton Waterfall has 3 warm bathing pools where you can ease your aching muscles. It’s one of the hidden gems in Saint Lucia. That’s why relaxing at Piton Waterfall is one of the best unique things to do in St Lucia for nature lovers. 

unique things to do in St Lucia - Piton Waterfall


You can find Piton Waterfall in the Saint Lucian rainforest, south of Soufriere. It lies along the way to the Jalousie Plantation and the Petit Piton. Try to arrive early in the morning or late afternoon for the best experience. 

  • There is a large car park on the side.
  • You will not need a guide. 
  • The entrance fee to the Piton Waterfall is 3 USD for adults ($7.50 EC) as of May 2024. Children under 11 years pay only 1.50 USD ($3.75 EC).


10. Go birdwatching

things to do in St Lucia - Go birdwatching

Saint Lucia has the highest number of endemic birds in the Eastern Caribbean region.


Did you know Saint Lucia is also a perfect destination for birdwatching? It’s a bird watcher’s paradise because it has 167 species and six endemic species. One of them is the Saint Lucia Parrot – it’s the island’s national bird. Because of that, birdwatching is one of the best things to do in St Lucia for nature lovers.


Visit the Millet Bird Sanctuary in the heart of the rainforest and choose from numerous birding tour operators which offer tours.


11. Sault Falls

hidden gems in Saint Lucia - Sault Falls

Sault Falls on the Atlantic side of the island is also one of the true hidden gems in Saint Lucia. The locals refer to this waterfall as Errard Waterfall or Dennery Waterfall. You can find this 15-metre (50 ft) high waterfall in the heart of the secluded jungle. It is worth exploring, especially on a rainy day.



We recommend you visit Sault Falls only during the rainy season or if there is a lot of rain during the day. Otherwise, the waterfall may not have a sufficient water supply during drier periods. The best part? There is no entry fee, so you can enjoy this natural wonder anytime. 


The best things to do in St Lucia for history lovers

Saint Lucia has a strategic position, rich history and vibrant heritage. From the earliest days, this island has been more desirable than gold. The French and English fought over St Lucia an amazing 14 times! The British eventually won and controlled it until 1979. While English is the official language, the authentic Creole culture is more than evident. Here are the best things to do in St Lucia if you want to learn more about its rich history.


12. Soufriere in Saint Lucia

St Lucia attractions - explore the Soufriere area

The Gallic influence on Saint Lucia is very strong. Many towns and villages have French names, and the locals speak Creole.


Many tourists flock to the Soufriere area to visit the famous attractions, but only a few stop in Soufriere. Saint Lucia’s oldest town and the former capital during the French rule stands in the shadow of the twin peaks of the Pitons. This colourful town has a laid-back atmosphere and reasonable prices because visitors usually only pass by Soufriere.

If you decide to visit it, you should know you can explore Soufriere easily on foot. The waterfront offers stunning views, the Old Courthouse adds a touch of history, and pastel-coloured modern and colonial buildings contribute to the town’s vibrant charm.

things to do in St Lucia - visit Soufriere


13. Cocoa Plantation tours

Did you know Saint Lucia is the perfect destination for chocolate lovers? This pretty island produces the world’s finest cacao beans, which have been cultivated in Saint Lucia since the 1700s.

things to do in St Lucia - Cocoa Plantation tours

 The St Lucian rainforest is ideal for growing cocoa because it has a lot of rain. Annual rainfall in Saint Lucia is up to 150 inches (381 cm), but it can be double in the mountains.


The local farmers returned to the deep cocoa roots after the collapse of the banana industry. Today, many hotels and resorts celebrate this heritage with cocoa farm tours where you can learn more about the chocolate-making process.

Specialised cocoa tours are available at numerous locations, including the Marquis Estate, Anse Mamin Plantation, and Morne Coubaril Estate. Hotel Chocolat offers a unique tour of a working cocoa plantation. You can create your own chocolate, try a delicious chocolate-infused dinner or get a chocolate body wrap in the spa. At Fond Doux Estate, you can join a tour and see the ”cocoa-rina dance”. It is a technique which the estate workers use to polish the cocoa beans before roasting.


14. Pigeon Island National Park

best things to do in St Lucia - Pigeon Island

A lookout point at the top of the Rodney Fort offers a panoramic view of the Northwest coastline. 


If you want to learn about Saint Lucia’s warring past, head to Pigeon Island National Park near Rodney Bay. This national park is one of St Lucia’s most historical attractions because it became a strategic lookout point for defending the island’s shores in the 18th century. You can find here colonial ruins with old British military barracks, ruins of gun batteries and also a hilltop fort. But that is not all – Pigeon Island offers beautiful views of Signal Peak and Rodney Bay.

Pigeon Island

This little hill was once a separate island, but people built a road to connect it to the mainland. You can find a few large resorts here.


Visiting Pigeon Island is one of the best things to do in St Lucia for everyone who wants to learn about the island’s history. Also, many tourists come here just to picnic, relax on the beach or visit the local beachside restaurant. Pigeon Island is also an easy half-day trip from busy Rodney Bay. This pretty national park is only a short drive from the cruise terminal.



Pigeon Island National Park’s beaches are the only non-public beaches on the island. The Saint Lucia National Trust manages the park, and entry fees apply. As of May 2024, the entrance fee is USD 10 for non-resident adults and USD 3 for children aged 5 to 12. Residents can expect to pay EC$10. For more information, visit the St Lucia National Trust site.


15. Mourne Fortune

Another place you can explore is Mourne Fortune, which means “Hill of Good Luck” in English. This hill and the residential area lie high above Castries (the island’s capital). You can find numerous fortifications, such as 18th century Fort Charlotte and the old military buildings here. The Saint Lucia National Trust looks after this area. Don’t forget that it is usually difficult to park, and it gets super busy when cruise ships are in the port.


16. Rum tour in St Lucia

best things to do in St Lucia - Join a rum tourExplore Saint Lucia’s rum heritage through a guided tour.


Did you know Saint Lucia has a rich rum history dating back to the 1700s? If you want to learn more about the art of rum making, join a fascinating rum tour. Meet the Rum Ambassador, explore the distillery and learn about the beginnings of rum production on the island. While you’re there, you will witness the rum-making process of Saint Lucia Distillers, which produces some of the finest rum in the Caribbean. You will even sample rums and appreciate the craftsmanship behind each sip.

Joining a rum tour is one of the best things to do in St Lucia for everyone who wants to learn more about the island’s rum history. Plus, you can buy exclusive selections of rums and liqueurs and bring a piece of the island’s spirit home.



17. Meet the locals at a Gros Islet street party.

As the night falls, a number of hotels around the island offer parties with live music. If you are on the island on Friday evening, there is one place you need to go: Gros Islet. Why you should come here? Because this quaint fishing village in the north is famous for hosting a weekly street party. This popular ‘’jump-up’’ party has live bands performing or a DJ playing everything from calypso to reggae or Soca music.

The Gros Islet Street party starts around 7 pm and continues until 2 am. But remember – the best party begins between 8 pm and 11 pm. It is open to all (the locals and tourists), and stalls sell grilled fish and BBQ street food. This famous street party has been around for more than 50 years.

Several villages on the island celebrate the weekend in a similar style. Don’t miss ‘fish fry’ if you are on the southwest coast. It’s also every Friday in the village of Anse La Raye. You can go to Dennery Village (on the East Coast), which has a seafood fiesta every Saturday evening.


18. Shopping at Castries market

Shopping at Castries market

When you find yourself in Castries, explore the bustling Castries Market in the harbour. This colourful market is the largest open-air market on the island. It’s a perfect spot to grab some organic tropical fruits and veggies. You can also get here local goodies like spices and souvenirs. The Castries market is open every day and offers a delightful shopping experience.


19. Saint Lucia CarnivalThis legendary festival is an explosion of colour, rhythm and creativity.

If you are in St Lucia between July 10th and July 17th 2024, don’t miss its famous Carnival. This legendary festival is an explosion of colour, rhythm and creativity. Saint Lucia Carnival pulsate with Calypso, Soca and the famous Steelpan music. Carnival culminates in a 2-day costumed parade of bands with DJs and live bands and the locals dance through the streets of Castries. That’s why attending Saint Lucia Carnival is one of the best fun things to do in St Lucia.


If you are around in May, don’t miss the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival. This popular festival is a celebration of music, culture and fun, with many performances at Pigeon Point.


The best things to do in Saint Lucia for beach lovers

Did you know this island has numerous gorgeous beaches with diverse options for every beach lover? Anse de Pitons is home to the famous Sugar Beach and has fantastic snorkelling opportunities. There is also Anse Chastanet, with dark volcanic sands and beautiful coral reefs. This gorgeous beach is perfect for snorkelling. The most famous beaches are also Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay and Marigot Bay. Both beaches are family-friendly spots with calmer waves and various water activities. If you want to learn more about beaches, we recommend reading our article about the best beaches in Saint Lucia


20. Marigot Bay

best things to do in St Lucia - Marigot Bay

One of the most beautiful bays on the island is also Marigot Bay. This pretty bay, surrounded by green hills, is famous for its natural beauty and golden sands with coconut palm trees. Many people say that this is the most beautiful harbour in the Caribbean. But touristy Marigot Bay offers more than just pretty views – it’s a popular stop for boaters and water enthusiasts. It has a marina, waterfront restaurants, and shops, and it was also the setting for the original movie Dr Dolittle. That’s why Marigot Bay is a popular stop for sailing excursions and one of the best things to do in St Lucia.

Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay


21. Rodney Bay

Rodney Bay - relax on Reduit Beach

Reduit Beach


It’s easy to see why everyone loves Rodney Bay on the northwestern coast of the island. This town and bay are home to beachfront hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. It even has a marina and duty-free shops, where you can find a wide range of items, from jewellery to local souvenirs.

But that is not all – Rodney Bay is the island’s busiest tourist hub. It is a popular gateway among cruise ship passengers who often flock here to relax on Reduit Beach. This gorgeous beach with fine gold sand is Saint Lucia’s most popular beach. It has calm waters and is perfect for swimming and all sorts of water sports activities. Because of that, relaxing on Reduit Beach is one of the best things to do in St Lucia.

Reduit Beach


Now you know what are the best things to do in St Lucia!



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