Kotor Montenegro: Top things to see & do

Kotor Montenegro: Unmissable things to see & do

More than two thousand years of history lives in Kotor, Montenegro. A walled medieval city framed by massive limestone mountains and the sparkling blue Adriatic bay is one of the most beautiful destinations in the southern Europe. The ancient town of Kotor may have seen an increase in tourists coming by cruise ships, but it […]

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12 ways to fuel your wanderlust when you can`t travel

There are many reasons why people travel all over the globe, weather it`s because we want to discover new cultures, see our families and friends who live far away, or we just want to create lifetime memories. Traveling is a very crucial part of our lives, is good for our mental health and it becomes […]

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Best of the French Riviera: 7 must-see places

Must see places on the French Riviera.

On the southeast corner of France, where the Mediterranean Sea gently laps its shores, lies the French Riviera. A dreamy region well-known worldwide for glamorous towns like Cannes and Nice, is also a home to vibrant lavender fields, charming villages with colourful buildings and an incredible food. As well as being one of the most […]

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TOBAGO BUCKET LIST: 19 of the best things to do

Wandering where to go in Tobago? Here are 19 Unique Things to do in Tobago you should not miss when on the island.We are here to help you out

Tobago is not like the other Caribbean islands. Far from being a destination popular with spring breakers and hordes of tourist sunbathing on sun loungers, Tobago is laid-back and full of charm. Tourism hasn`t made its mark on Tobago and the all-inclusive resorts take up only the fraction of the island. Forget fancy restaurants and […]

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Top things to do in Nice France

Things to do in Nice, France

Bars with cocktails on the terrace, hot beaches with glittering turquoise seas, vibrant street life and Provençal specialities… If this is how you imagine Nice in France, you are right. The city offers its visitors the best of city life filled with cultural and historic wonders. The beating heart of the French Riviera with history […]

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Montserrat in Spain: Unique Barcelona day trip

Complete guide to visiting Montserrat in Spain.

Perched half way up the mountain and protected by its peaks, Montserrat in Spain is a tranquil place surrounded by stunning valleys. It`s clear why Montserrat draws the crowds – hundreds of thousands of people can`t be wrong. A jaw-droopingly stunning mountain range offering picture perfect views over Catalonia is a natural wonderland. In this […]

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Margarita Island: Venezuela`s secret paradise

Margarita Island Venezuela

Under the tropical sun, an authentic island with warm salty breeze rises from the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Margarita island maybe isn`t quite as well known across the world as Jamaica and Barbados, but it certainly has a lot to offer. It may be tricky to find, but Margarita offers relaxed vibes many travellers […]

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Coba ruins: a sacred Maya site in Mexico

Maya ruins in Mexico

Thousands of years ago, in what is now Mexico`s Quintana Roo region, once lay the city of Coba, one of the most important sites of the Maya world. Well-hidden in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula, the ruins of Coba may almost seem like a dream to you. If you have travelled to Cancun or […]

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Top Things to Do in Bath, UK

Things to do in Bath

Across the globe, several locations are home to an impressive Roman landmarks and ruins and the city of Bath is one of them. Famous for imposing honey-coloured Georgian architecture and mineral-rich hot springs which attracted the Romans, the city of Bath is fast becoming a must-see place to visit in England. The preserved remains of […]

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Unmissable Things To Do in Rome

Rome Travel Italy

Renowned for its ancient Roman ruins, world-class museums and medieval piazzas, Rome reveals archaeological treasures on almost every corner. And what a treasures they are. With its three millennia of history, Rome offers visitors a trip back in time. It is one of the most incredible cities on Earth and has many unmissable things for […]

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