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First of all, thank you very much for being here and considering to work with us.

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Travel Done Clever was born from our love to explore our beautiful planet Earth.

Our ultimate purpose is to inspire all of you to travel the world consciously. We are here to showcase the true beauty of every destination we visit. Whether it is a more famous place or off-the-beaten-path location. We want everyone to find beauty, even in small things.

Besides, we love inspiring others to live more extraordinary lives – to travel with eyes, ears and mind wide open.

We are always looking to partner with like-minded business which has a soul. We believe, that we should work ONLY with brands we genuinely love and also believe in. Therefore, we can keep our reviews honest and also maintain trust with our audience

Why work with us?

travel done clever why work with us


Travel Done Clever is a fast-growing smart adventure travel blog focused on travel, off-the-beaten-path locations, the weekend getaways, couples travel and more.

We do meaningful photography and writing with love and passion. Also, we add a personal touch to everything we do so our followers can also relate. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect couple to creatively promote your product, service or travel destination, we are your perfect match!

Let us help you to create new content for your business which will attract your audience.


How can we work together?


  • Sponsored blog posts or Social Media
  • Online Social Media Promotion
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Hotel, Restaurants, Airline and Tour Reviews
  • Tourism boards and travel agencies collaborations
  • Instagram and Facebook collaborations
  • Contests and Giveaways
  • Paid product reviews


Besides, we are also open to your ideas and suggestions.

Product Reviews

We recommend only products that are travel-related, fit our niche and match our lifestyle. We promote brands and products that we personally believe in and love. Let us test your product and we will share a truthful and also helpful review to our followers.

Brand Ambassadorships

Would you like to work with us to bring more exposure to your brand? We are currently seeking long-term ambassadorship with brands we believe in and love. Let us create new content for you and help spread the word of your brand. We are very passionate and we can positively represent your brand through creating high-quality content that matches your brand aesthetic. We will create unique photos and content from our adventures around the world and share them throughout our website and social media.

Sponsored stay or experience

We can offer honest and also an engaging review of your property or tour and post it on our blog and social media with photos and possible video covering our stay at the hotel.


Fancy working with us? Travel Done Clever

Fancy working with us?

For any collaborations, feel free to contact us on our email or fill the form below. We cannot wait to hear from you.

If you just would love to say hi, contact us on our Instagram or Facebook.

Martina & Andrej,

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