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We are a native Slovak married couple, based in the United Kingdom. We believe that we can be adventurous travellers without having to quit our full-time jobs. Our planet is full of charming destinations, each with its own unique culture, landscape and history. We have been together to 27 countries, and we have knocked some big adventures off our bucket list.

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We both have about 30 days of paid holidays a year, and we are trying to spend most of them somewhere in the world. 

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About | Travel Done Clever

We want to inspire you to explore new countries and experience new cultures. There are millions of places just waiting to be explored: from bucket-list favourites to places you didn’t even know existed, your line-up of must-visit destinations is about to get a lot bigger!

We created our blog not only to inspire others to explore many beautiful places, but also to help you to plan better your next trips, and travel with purpose. Enjoy our detailed travel guides, tips and photography from popular and off-the-beaten-path destinations. We hope we encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, and you will find joy in exploring our beautiful world a bit more.

Burano: stroll across three wooden bridges for some of the most picturesque views of Burano’s boat-filled canals.

Meet Travel Done Clever

About us: Martina from Travel Done Clever

Hi, I am Martina, and I am behind this blog! Travelling is a very crucial part of my life, and as you can expect, I have a serious case of the travel bug. I was born with a passion for travel and love for adventure.

My passion for travel started as a kid, and my desire to explore our beautiful planet is growing every day. When I am not roaming the globe, you will find me poring over maps and researching our next destination(s). I spend countless hours writing new articles on our blog and editing our photos.

About Us: Andrej from Travel Done Clever

Who is Andrej? Let`s see. Well, I am a sufferer. Like many Instagram husbands, I am patiently waiting for Martina while she snaps her perfect pictures (and you cannot even imagine how many). I am also often behind the camera, and I am taking those perfect pictures she is after.

Even though she makes me travel, and I am her human selfie stick, and also a drone pilot, I love to travel. However, I am not a fan of flying – it terrifies me. I love travelling, but let me be honest, everything that goes up needs to come down!

I might be clueless about lots of destinations she comes up with, but I have a deep love for adventure, and I enjoy exploring new places. Well, you would not guess that, am I right? 

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Our favourite adventures:


Over the years, we have been on some incredible adventures. 

We explored Chichen Itza – the New Wonder of the World, swam in the luminous lagoon in Jamaica, and also relaxed under the warm waterfall in Saint Lucia. We also got a chance to experience the magic of the Giza Pyramids.

Now, we aim to inspire you to travel with purpose, to do something to benefit places you visit.

Whether you book a tour with a local, or you hike a well-known trail: give a purpose to travel that visiting only those Instagram famous spots might not.

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Martina & Andrej

Travel Done Clever

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