travel done clever - about us

Hi everyone, we are Martina and Andrej, also known as Travel Done Clever. We are a native Slovak married couple, based in the United Kingdom. We believe that we can be adventurous travellers without having to quit our full-time jobs. Our planet is full of charming destinations, each with its own unique culture, landscape and history. We have been together to 27 countries, and we have knocked some big adventures off our bucket list.

We both have about 30 days of paid holidays a year, and we are trying to spend most of them somewhere in the world. We want to inspire you to explore new countries and experience new cultures. There are millions of places just waiting to be explored: from bucket-list favourites to places you didn`t even know existed, your line-up of must-visit destinations is about to get a lot bigger!

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Martina & Andrej