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European countries quiz. Can you beat it?

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Geography nerds and Travel Done Clever readers: so you think you know Europe? Many of us live there or regularly travel to the continent. From Italy to the United Kingdom and Greece, European countries have many beautiful regions and cities. But how well do you really know countries in Europe? Take our European countries quiz to find out if you are an expert on the continent, or not.

About countries of Europe quiz

This European countries quiz will take you on a journey around Europe. You will whizz around countries capitals, famous attractions and you will also try to identify some of the popular UNESCO sites. Test your knowledge of landmarks and attractions which make each country unique. And, of course, our ‘’Countries of Europe quiz’’ contains some trivia questions. It is not the easiest test, so good luck!

We have aimed to make this quiz about European countries fun, educational and also a little bit challenging. Now you can prove how well you know the second smallest continent. And if not, then we will hopefully inspire you to plan a future trip (or two)!

No matter how much you have travelled in Europe, no one has seen and visited everything. Test your knowledge, train your brain and see how much you have left to learn. Now is time to find out! Good luck!

This ‘’European countries quiz’’ has 20 trivia questions. Some questions are easier than others – see how many questions you can get right and how much you already know. We hope you will enjoy it.

Welcome to your European countries quiz

Budapest is the capital of which country?

Budapest - European countries quiz

Where would you find the oldest working astronomical clock in the world?

astronomical clock in Prague

On which Italian island would you find the active volcano Mount Etna?

European countries test - Mount Etna

Which is the largest Scandinavian country?

European countries quiz - Sweden

What is the capital of Portugal?

European countries quiz - test your knowledge. Lisbon

In which country would you find the Stari Most bridge?

European countries quiz - see how much you know about Europe. Mostar

The island of Corsica is part of which country?


What is the second smallest country in Europe by area?

European countries quiz - how much do you know about Europe?

In which country would you find the historic city of Ohrid?

European countries quiz - test you knowledge of countries in Europe: Ohrid

Which European city is famous for the works of Antoni Gaudi?

European countries quiz - how much do you know about cities in Europe?

Through which two counties does the UK’s Jurassic Coast stretch?

European countries quiz - Dorset

Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in which country?

European countries quiz - how much do you know about countries in Europe? Alhambra

In which European country would you find picturesque Hallstatt?

Hallstat - European countries quiz

Where would you find Durmitor National Park?

European countries quiz - geography quiz: where would you find...?

The entire city in the UK is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do you know which city is it?

quiz about European countries - Bath

How many countries share a land border with Germany?

countries of Europe quiz - how well do you know Europe? This is Germany

In which European country would you find Meteora monasteries?

countries of Europe quiz - Meteora

In which Italian city would you find displayed Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper mural painting?

countries of Europe quiz - last supper

There are only three accessible aragonite caves in the world. You can find them in Argentina, Mexico and in which European country?

countries of Europe quiz: where is this? where would you find?

In which European country would you find Lake Bled?

European countries quiz - Lake Bled

Have you enjoyed our countries of Europe quiz?

countries of Europe quiz. Test your knowledge about Europe? Are you an expert on Europe?

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WARNING: Your travel bucket list may grow a little bit more!


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