12 ways to fuel your wanderlust when you can`t travel

There are many reasons why people travel all over the globe, wether it`s because we want to discover new cultures, see our families and friends who live far away, or just want to create lifetime memories. Traveling is a very crucial part of our lives, it is good for our mental health, and it becomes our habit. However, every now and then, or during a pandemic like COVID-19, we can`t travel. Instead, we need to find some ways how to deal with the desire to explore our beautiful planet. Here is how to satisfy your wanderlust without leaving your home.

1. Experience virtual reality travel to relieve wanderlust

Virtual reality travel to relieve your wanderlust
Virtual reality travel allows you to travel anywhere in the world

If you like the idea of exploration, but you would instead do it from your own home, virtual reality travel might be just for you. Whether it`s exploring the cities or diving in the ocean, virtual reality travel allows you to travel in uniquely.

With coronavirus pandemic, the popularity of virtual reality has grown hugely. Besides virtual tours in the world`s famous museums with 360 degrees of a scene, you can satisfy your wanderlust with the use of a VR headset.

Here is a selection of some VR travel experiences which allow you to see the world:

2. Learn a foreign language

learn a new language
Learning a foreign language can enhance your travels

With the world slowed to a standstill, the vast majority of people are finding themselves new hobbies to kill time. Learning a foreign language is something many of us wanted to do, but we never managed to find the time. Dedicate your free time to learning a new language to make your upcoming trip more meaningful. Knowing just some phrases can enrich your travels, and the locals will treat you differently.

While you can`t travel right now, learning a new language can fuel your wanderlust, and it is also a great way to train your brain at the same time. Not only will you be smarter, but it also will make a massive difference to your future trips.


Learning a foreign language doesn`t need to be a slow and dull process. Though there is nothing wrong with learning a language in collage, it is also possible to study without leaving your own home. With plenty of e-learning courses and casual free apps, online learning is a fantastic way to learn a language. Download Duolingo or Babbel app and start practicing your listening and speaking skills. Interactive applications with a revolutionized approach to learning a language offer a rewarding and fun way to learn vocabulary.

Those who are not learning the language from scratch might prefer to listen to podcasts (Survival Phrases) or live streaming radio. Alternatively, sign up for one-to-one Skype lessons on a site like italki.


With so many different words and so many ways of studying, learning a foreign language can feel overwhelming. Remember, don’t try to get everything perfect: don’t worry about mistakes and yes, you don`t need to know all the words to speak it.

3. Make your travel bucket list

make your travel bucket list to cure wanderlust

So, where will the travel after lockdown take you? Fuel your desire to travel and write down those unforgettable destinations and adventures. Maybe you have an absolute burning desire to trek to Machu Picchu in Peru, visit Rome or sleep under the stars in a dessert. Make your ultimate travel bucket list for your future travels.

“Travel while you are able. You won`t be around forever. Life is too short, and you don`t want to realize one day that your life has passed by, and you spend your life not doing what you wanted.” Travel Done Clever

 4. Plan your future travels to keep your wanderlust fuelled

lockdown travel - how to fuel your wanderlust at home
Plan your next trips while stuck at home

Planning your future trips can be time-consuming and overwhelming. With so much information out these days and you not being able to travel at the moment, now is the best time to plan your next adventure in detail. It doesn`t matter if it is a weekend city break, a sun-soak getaway or a faraway trip, keep your wander-thirst alive and start planning your dream trip(s). Once you have chosen your destination, do the “boring research” and create notes with top things to do and plan where to stay and eat. The chance to travel may seem slim for you now, but it won`t always be like that.

5. Feed your wanderlust with an endless inspiration on Pinterest

feed your wanderlust and create a travel board on Pinterest
Create travel board on Pinterest to keep you inspired

Social Media are great tools for planning your future travels. Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration that can help you to discover articles on any topic. When you stumble across an article or picture you like, you can save it and build up your own board with unlimited travel guides and tips. Pinterest is definitely one of our favorite platforms because it allows you to create boards where you can “pin” your items of interest. It is a great way to brainstorm and scratch the travel bug itch when you can`t travel.

Pinterest provides useful information and allows you to create your dream boards

TIP: Follow us on Pinterest, and we can help you to keep you inspired.

6. Read travel magazines and travel guide books to inspire your wanderlust

travel magazines to cure youre wanderlust
Let the adventure begin with travel magazines and travel guide books

If you are lacking the travel inspiration to start planning your future trip, why not read one of the travel magazines or travel guide books? Publications with valuable travel information can help plan your adventures from the comfort of your home. Whether you would like to learn more about travel destinations or you need to find travel inspiration; there`s no wonder why they are so popular. Luckily, there is plenty to choose from, and many travel magazines offer an advantage of discounts, which gives you access to dirt cheap issues.


We really like Wanderlust magazine and Lonely Planet magazine. However, you can find other publications on the market (Sunday Times travel magazine or Conde Nast Traveller are just many of the others).


If you don`t fancy reading travel magazines and guides, consider reading a travel blog. It is also a fantastic way to support the travel community during those difficult times.

7. Read Travel Books

travel books
Experience travel through travel inspired books

No matter how much you love reading your way through travel magazines and travel guides, reading a travel-related book can take you to a different dimension. You may not be able to venture far right now, and picking up a travel book can take you on a journey around the world.


There are many books that will transform you from your couch to fascinating destinations. These are some of them you may consider reading: Eat, Pray, Love (E. Gilbert), Memoirs of a Geisha (Arthur Golden), Alchemist (P. Coelho), Dessert Flower (W. Dirie) and many others.

8. Watch a travel movie or a travel program

watch travel documentaries

Usually, we would definitely agree with the famous quote that you should watch more sunsets than Netflix. However, when travel is not optional, watching a travel-related movie or documentary can spark a bit of sparkle to our life. A virtual journey by watching Netflix`s travel shows or documentaries on National Geographic can satisfy your desire to travel. At least for some time. 

TIP: Travel on TV to spark your dreams of travel:

  • Movies: Into the Wild, Under the Tuscan Sun, Wild, The Tourist, Jungle, Roman Holiday
  • Travel series: Race across the world, Our Planet, Dark Tourist, Magical Andes, A Taste of Travel
  • Documentaries: Blue Planet to Planet Earth

9. Take a travel quiz or play games

take a travel quiz and play games

Stuck for things to do at home? Even though coronavirus has made our days seem longer, there is no shortage of play boards to keep you entertained. Try your knowledge and take travel-themed quizzes or train your brain with memory matching game while you are not able to travel.

10. Explore surrounding countryside to cure wanderlust

explore surrounding countryside to cure wanderlust
Explore surrounding countryside as a part of your daily exercise quarantine routine

With summer just around the corner and us now requested to stay at home, the travel bug is hard to shake when we are forced to cancel our planned trips. Even though we can`t travel abroad, there is plenty of things we can explore within driving distance of our homes. With so much to offer, exploring the surrounding countryside with no need for overnight accommodation is an excellent way how to escape our everyday lives in our “social bubbles.” Exploring our own country while cycling or hiking within a short distance of our homes can help us to improve our mental health. Plus, it helps us with relaxation and sleeps quality.

11. Cook an international dish that reminds you of your travels

cook an international dish that reminds you of your travels

One of the delights of food is its diversity. Every country has its own recipes and cooking techniques. Travel around the world without leaving your kitchen – there is no better time to cook a dish that reminds you of your travels. With a lot of spare time, make your own version of the classic Thai dish or delicious pizza. The choice is yours.

12. Document your travel adventures

document your adventures

Traveling is such an excellent experience, and many of us document memories during our travels. Most of the time, our snaps just stay on a memory card or get buried on the social platforms. With smartphones, virtually limitless platforms and an unlimited cloud storage, we are usually forgetting about our special occasions and important moments in our lives.

The more sentimental of us might use this time to create lasting keepsakes of our travel adventures. Display your photos on the walls of your home, create a travel photo book or memory wallpaper, reminisce on your favorite travel adventures.


How do you cure wanderlust? What do you do when you can`t travel, and you are stuck at home? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. These are such fantastic tips for anyone dreaming of traveling. Who would have thought that one day we’ll be in a lockdown without any possibility of exploring the world? But sadly, here we are. I’ve been reading more than usual as well as flipping through my favourite travel magazines I have at home. Making your own travel bucket list is something I would love to do next. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. We are still not allowed to travel within the country and looks like it’s going to be that way for a while 🙈🙈🙈 Have a good day 😀 Aiva xxx

    1. Thank you very much Aiva. Well, we still can’t believe what is actually happening. 7 weeks of the lockdown and we have enough. It is exactly the same in the UK – we are not allowed to travel within the country. Stay safe, Martina. xxx

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