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As we all adapt to our new routines, there’s never been a better time to start planning your dream escape. There are so many things to remember and take care of when planning your much-needed holiday, and sometimes it becomes overwhelming. From holiday packing process to planning your perfect trip, it can be stressful. And you know what? We’ve created this travel planner to make your life easier and your travel experience as smooth as possible.

Also, now you can record everything that happens on your trips with our journal around the world. Keep track of all the little details and make sure you won’t forget anything important for your upcoming travel adventures.

Your journal around the world is here for you and your trips you’ve always wanted.

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  • Cover
  • Personal page
  • World Map page
  • Inspirational quotes page
  • Bucket List page with places you want to explore (2x)
  • Brainstorming destination page
  • Destination page
  • Things to see & do page
  • Week travel itinerary: print multiple copies to organize each week of your travels
  • Travel Calendar – to keep track of the key dates and overview of your trips
  • Notes page
  • Budget Planner: break down your budget by category to track expenses during your trip
  • Travel Memories page
  • Perfect Packing List: carry-on checklist
  • Ultimate Packing List
  • Extra Notes
printable PDF free travel planner
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