9 top things to do in Saint Tropez France

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Everybody’s heard of Saint-Tropez, one of the most glamorous places in France. This beautiful Provencal town is home to many international celebrities and millionaires. It was the appearance of Brigitte Bardot in Saint-Tropez who set the trend for being “a barely-on-the-map village” the ultimate summertime destination for the rich people.

St-Trop, as the French nickname it, has built up a reputation of being a destination for the rich and famous. This once a tiny fishing village certainly has it all: world-renowned beach clubs and exclusive nightclubs, the designer boutiques, and glitzy art galleries. It also has smart cafes and legendary restaurants that surround the harbour with its luxury mega-yachts. Some might say it is overrated. But despite its fame, there is a lot more to the town than that. The iconic seaside town with picturesque pastel-coloured cottages with painted shutters and flowering balconies is undoubtedly full of French charm. Explore a maze of narrow cobblestone streets filled with boutiques, traditional restaurants shaded by grapevines and also the pretty harbour. Or soak up the art and culture, and enjoy the delicious cuisine.

Saint Tropez in France: Discover the best things to do in Saint Tropez and experience and enjoy the cosmopolitan buzz of this famous city.

Saint-Tropez, home to some of the wealthiest people in the world




visit this tiny little gem in France and explore its secrets.

the French Riviera

Saint-Tropez is a coastal town on the French Riviera, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. Located in south-eastern France, this tiny little gem enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. 




While Saint-Tropez may be one of the most well-known resorts on the French Riviera, getting to this little town is not as easy as you could think. Thinking of driving to St Tropez? Even though it is possible, there are a few things to consider before you set off. At peak periods in summer expect traffic jams on the main road. A drive along one of the most scenic coastal routes of Europe can, therefore, turn into a true adventure.

Another thing to bear in mind while driving to this seaside resort, you will be facing the parking. Avoid it at all costs.

St Tropez is a rather small town, so there is no train station. The nearest train station to Saint Tropez is ’Saint-Raphaël-Valescure’ (situated in Saint Raphaël, 39 km from Saint-Tropez). You can take the train down to Saint Raphael and then catch the express boat to Saint Tropez, which will take about an hour.

If all of the above sounds like too much hassle, consider another alternative, it will be worth it.

How to get to Saint-Tropez in France. Visit this coastal town on a ferry from Nice to St Tropez because it`s the most relaxing way without too much hassle.

Ferry from Nice to St Tropez with panoramic views over the Med


The best way to get around is the ferry from Nice to St. Tropez (from the end of May to the end of September). After the 2 ½ hour cruise ride with amazing views of the Côte d’Azur, you will arrive at the Port of Saint Tropez. Here you will have 5 hours to discover town before you will have to catch the boat back at 4.30 pm. We decided on this option because we wanted to relax and appreciate the beauty of the French towns from the water. The scenery was absolutely breath-taking.


Reserved your seat on the ferry in an advance as during the peak season it might be sold out very quickly. A reservation can be made online. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pay upfront (you will have to pay in the harbour’s office 24 hrs before your departure).



port in Saint Tropez, France

St Tropez

Out of many landmarks and attractions, here are some of the best things to do in Saint Tropez, France:



things to do in St Tropez: exploring St Tropez Old Town is one of the best things to do in St Tropez becasue it is suited for pedestrians, even with all the exclusive locations. Most sights are within easy reach of the marina.


You will be pleasantly surprised how suited Saint-Tropez is for pedestrians, even with all the exclusive locations. Most sights are within easy reach of the marina.



A visit to Vieux Port is one of the best things to do in Saint Tropez, because it`s an excellent place for celebrity spotting and soaking up the sunshine. Vieux Port is also a great place for refreshment.

Vieux Port in St Tropez

With more luxury yachts than you could imagine, a beautiful harbour is undoubtedly one of the best things to see in Saint Tropez. Charming Vieux Port located in the heart of the town is what you came for; elegant outdoor cafes lined by pastel-coloured Mediterranean townhouses, stunning large yachts docked in the harbour, artists selling colourful paintings in the port. Besides, stylish Café Senequier, distinguished by its bright red façade, is an excellent place for refreshment, soaking up the sunshine and celebrity spotting.



La Citadelle is another top attractions in Saint Tropez in France because it offers breath-taking views of the harbour and the luxury yachts.

Citadelle de Saint-Tropez

After that, take a break from the busy streets and marina and visit an old harbour fort.  High above the village is located the most impressive tourist attraction in all of Saint Tropez – La Citadelle. The walk up to the citadel from the port is short and sharp, but it is worth taking your time even on a hot summer day. Well worth a visit!


Perched high above the town, Citadelle de Saint Tropez offers an almost 360° breath-taking views over the Gulf of Saint Tropez, the colourful rooftops and the luxury yachts in the harbour.

view from Citadel The Citadel of St Tropez is one of top attractions in town. It was built over 400 years ago to defend the coast against Spain, the Citadel is also home to a Museum of Maritime History in the space that was formerly the citadel`s dungeons.


Built over 400 years ago to defend the coast against Spain, the Citadel is also home to a Museum of Maritime History in the space that was formerly the citadel`s dungeons.

Citadel de St Tropez offers excellent views of the town.


The admission fee is very reasonable (€3) and children under the age of 12 years have free entry. A guided visit is possible by prior reservation.


  • 1st April – 30th September: 10 am – 6.30 pm daily (last entry at 6 pm),
  • 1st October – 31st March: 10 am -5.30 pm (last entry at 5 pm)
  • closed: 1st January, 1st May, 17th May, 11th November, 25th December
  • Address: Citadelle de Saint-Tropez



A visit to Eglise de Notre-Dame de l`Assomption is one of the best things to do in Saint Tropez because you can admire the bust of the town`s patron saint inside of the church. Also, this 18-th century church has a beautiful Italian Baroque bell tower.

Bell Tower of Eglise de Notre-Dame de l’Assomption

The Old Town of Saint-Tropez is another beautiful area in this seaside resort town. “La Ponche” is the most picturesque area, and one of the main attractions in Saint-Tropez. This historic centre sits between the waterfront promenade and the Place des Lices.

A stroll through beautiful La Ponche is, without doubt, one of the best things to do in Saint-Tropez. It`s an excellent place where you can spend an afternoon. A haven for the rich and famous is undoubtedly a place with bohemian vibes. Luxury is a big part of the town, and that’s why its glamour and glitz comes with a high price-tag, though. A pedestrian zone of narrow alleyways, now lined with spectacularly over-priced cafes, restaurants, small shops and designer boutiques, is, however, more famous for all the trappings of a millionaire lifestyle than historical significance.

However, if you prefer a typical the South-of-France shopping experience, head to Place des Lices. Alternatively, visit the Place aux Herbes or the Halle aux Poissons (the daily fish market which sells fish to locals and the towns most excellent restaurants). While exploring the Old Town, don’t miss Eglise de Notre-Dame de l’Assomption. The 18th-century church with beautiful Italian Baroque bell tower is one of the most recognisable attractions in Saint Tropez. Inside the Italian baroque-style church you can also admire the bust of Saint Tropez, the town’s patron saint.



Place des Lices is one of the best things to see in Saint Tropez because it is a traditional Provençal market with colourful stalls. This is also one of the most famous markets in the French Riviera.

a traditional Provençal market

Next Place des Lices, also known as Place Carnot, is only a short walk from the Old Port and the Annonciade Museum. This lovely square turns into a traditional Provençal market and, therefore, it’s one of the best places to visit in Saint Tropez on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings. It’s a place where you can enjoy the village atmosphere that has not changed even though Saint Tropez has become one of the most exclusive locations in the world. The vibrant scene of colourful stalls filled with fresh fruit & vegetables, Provençal deliciousness, flowers, antiques, and art is possibly one of the most famous farmer’s markets.


Make sure to visit St. Tropez on at least one of the market days, but if you miss it, there is still plenty of shopping on its medieval streets.



La gendarmerie is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Saint Tropez for all fans of Louis de Funes`s work. This museum presents a thematic exposition devoted to this movie.

La gendarmerie de Saint-Tropez

The most photographed building in St Trop showcasing the town`s historical connection to film was transformed into a museum in 2016. Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez movie series starring Louis de Funès made St. Tropez world-famous resort. All fans of Louis de Funes’s work should definitely visit The Gendarmerie when in St Tropez. Some storylines from “Gendarme from Saint-Tropez” have been shot there. The museum also presents a thematic exposition devoted to this movie.

All fans of Louis de Funes’s work should definitely visit The Gendarmerie when in the town. Some storylines from “Gendarme from Saint-Tropez” have been shot there. The museum also presents a thematic exposition devoted to this movie.



Visit Maison des Papillons (the Butterfly Museum) with thousands of butterflies on display or if you are into modern art visit the Annonciade Museum – one of the longest established modern art galleries in France.



Nestling on the shore of the Mediterranean St Tropez with its cool, relax French way of life has also become a beach lover’s paradise. With almost three-thousand sunny hours a year is not difficult to understand why this popular jet-set destination is one of the sunniest places of France. Although St. Tropez is famous for its beaches, the beaches are mostly away from the centre and require transportation.


The Plage de Pampelonne, one of the most famous beaches on earth, is actually around 6 km to the south of the town. A 4.5 kilometre stretch of golden sand beneath the protected green hills of Ramatuelle is the iconic spot where the swanky Club 55 and also Nikki Beach are situated. There are 23 beach clubs where you can hire sunbeds and parasols, and more importantly, wine and dine with the rich and famous.


As of 2019, the environmental rules to protect the beach were introduced to Pampelonne, one of the world’s most famous beaches. 80 % of the new Pampelonne remains public and free of charge with 20 % reserved for beach clubs which constructions will be removed in the winter months. A zero concrete policy should allow the sandy area to recover during the winter season.




Besides its private beach clubs along the Pampelonne, several public beaches are free (except for fees to rent lounge chairs and beach umbrellas).

If you are interested in more authentic local culture than glamour (or just don’t have enough time as us), visit one of the beaches near the town. A few beaches are located nearby to the west of the town, within reasonable walking distance.

Bouillabaisse Beach is one of the best places to visit in St Tropez because is a less crowdy beach withing easy walking distance from the port.

sandy Bouillabaisse beach in Saint Tropez

Bouillabaisse Beach is near the centre of the town, within easy walking distance of the port. This smaller, less crowded sandy beach has a more low-key atmosphere, but we didn’t mind. This beach has free public showers, as well as a seaside restaurant.


You are going to visit St. Tropez in October, don’t miss the chance of witnessing the racing regatta. During Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez the bay is full of colourful sails, and you can enjoy stunning views.



Today, Saint-Tropez rules the Riviera. Sure, luxury is a big part of the town, but this charming Provencal place with the azure blue sea still has its quiet charm in its tiny alleys and shady squares. It is “the” place with a great history, and Tropéziens are immensely proud of it. It is without a place not-to-be miss when in Cote d`Azur.

Wish we had more time in St Tropez, but unfortunately, we only had a half-day to get a taste of this charming little town. But we will be back!

Au revoir!

what to do in Saint Tropez France: visit a traditional provencal market, enjoy day on one of the sandy beaches this town is famous for. St Tropez is also home to a picturesque Citadelle, Musee de la Gendarmerie. It also has a stunning Old Port where you can see many celebriities.


Have you been to Saint Tropez? What would you add to the list? If you liked our post, please share it or save it to Pinterest 🙂


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