Monaco: The City-state on The French Riviera

Squeezed into just two square kilometres (200 hectares), Monaco is a destination like no other. The second smallest independent state in the world (after the Vatican) is one of the five European micro-states. A playground for the rich and famous with many luxury boutiques, nightclubs and fancy restaurants doesn`t have a separate capital due to its small size. This independent sovereign state on the French Riviera is a land of the money-draining glitzy casinos, imposing high-priced hotels and multi-million euro yachts that line the famous marina.

One of the safest and richest countries in the world, is also renowned as one of the world`s notorious tax havens and home to the annual F1 Monaco Grand Prix. This luxury destination has a character that is entirely its own. The nation is almost entirely urban and has a feel of an elegant resort town. Every year this tiny city-state of Monaco attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists who want to experience and enjoy its glamorous and rich lifestyle.

Monaco Travel Guide. Find out why to visit a tiny kingdom on the Mediterranean Sea.
Monaco: a tiny kingdom on the Mediterranean Sea

But despite its enormous wealth, Monaco is far from being the French Riviera`s prettiest cities. This tiny city-state is covering every square metre with towering apartment blocks and elegant residencies. We won`t surprise you by saying that one of the safest countries in Europe was never a destination on our ultimate bucket list.


Monaco has the highest rate of police officers in the world.  This tiny constitutional monarchy has 1 policeman for every 100 residents and the reputation of being the safest square mile in Europe.


Monaco, French Riviera

Nestled between the foot of the Southern Alps and the Mediterranean coast, Monaco is surrounded on three sides by France. With France just next door and Italian Riviera further east (around 13 km or 8 miles away), Monaco with 300 days of sunshine a year is a popular destination for day trips.


You might be surprised but Monaco has no airport. Millionaires and celebrities arrive from the Nice Côte d’Azur airport (the closest airport) by helicopter, but rest of us take a bus, a train or yacht (if you are lucky and have one).

Monaco is truly blessed when it comes to its location. La Grande Corniche with its scenic roads is a bucket-list, memorable drive (even when looked at through the window of a bus).

Reaching Monaco by bus could not be easier. The bus from Nice will take to you Monaco for € 1.50 in around 1 hour.


The High Corniche (La Grande Corniche) is the highest of the three roads and has the most dramatic views of the Mediterranean. If you are coming from anywhere on the Cote d`Azur, you can take a train on the Marseilles to Nice line. The downside of arriving by the train is that you miss the stunning views across Monaco from the Corniche road.


When you arrive, you immediately notice how small Monaco is. It is worth remembering that this tiny constitutional monarchy with its less than 2 square kilometres is very walkable. It takes just about 45 minutes to cross Monaco from east to west on foot. Although it is quite small, it is also very hilly which make it slow to explore. But do not worry; there are numerous public lifts and escalators that are supposed to take the strain out of traversing the hilly terrain. Everything is quite literally within walking distance.


If you do not feel like walking, the city has a bus network of 6 lines that cover all the tourist attraction.


The City of Monaco has 4 quartiers (neighbourhoods): Monte-Carlo, Monaco-Ville (also known as ‘The Rock’ or ‘Le Rocher’); Fontvieille and La Condamine.


Monte Carlo, the most well-known quarter of Monaco, is where you will find the famous glittering Monte Carlo Casino, grand gardens, supercars permanently parking outside and many luxury hotels. The district on the hill, overlooking the main harbour is a magnet for multimillionaires and celebrities.


The Casino Monte Carlo opened over 150 years ago as a bid to bring tourists and a source of income to the country. Today, gambling is one of the sources of income in Monaco and one of the reasons why it is a popular travel destination. The most famous casino in the world attracts millionaires thanks to its history and private salons with full range of table games and slot machines.


Residents of Monaco are not allowed to gamble or even enter the casino. The government doesn`t want its citizens to gamble away their money.

  • Casino Monte Carlo in Monaco inside
  • Monaco in pictures: ceiling of the famous Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco
  • Things to do in Monaco: visit famous Casino de Monte Carlo

James Bond`s Playground. Glamorous MCC and its elegant décor and gold ceilings had been a filming location of three James Bond`s films: “Casino Royal”, Golden Eye, and Never say never again.

Things to do in Monaco: Inside of the famous Casino de Monte Carlo
Inside of the Casino de Monte Carlo

There is no casino more grand and more famous than the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco. This legendary building with its stunning decor is also an architectural gem.

TRAVEL TIP: Many can be seen from the lobby of the casino without having to pay the entrance fee. If you would like to gamble, make sure your wallet is fat and you have your passport with you.

PLACE DU CASINO (Casino Square)

Place du Casino, Monaco. The gardens around the casino are free to enter.
Place du Casino, Monaco: The gardens around the casino are beautiful and free to enter

The palm tree lined Place du Casino, one of the most concentrated spot of glamour in Europe, is home to the famous the Café de Paris, Hotel de Paris, the Opera House and gardens with fountains. With Lamborghinis zipping by every corner, this is the place to be seen.

The cafe de Paris Monaco
The Cafe de Paris

The Café de Paris place to be seen (next door to glittering Casino de Monte Carlo)

The Hotel de Paris in Monaco
The Hotel de Paris

The Hotel de Paris, based in the heart of Monte Carlo, is known for its magnificent architecture.

MONACO-VILLE (Old Village)

Monaco-Ville, also know as the Rock, is the oldest district of Monaco. Find out more about Monaco.
Monaco-Ville (the Rock) is the oldest district of Monaco

Monaco-Ville, also known as Le Rocher (The Rock), is the oldest part of the city-state.  This historical quarter is full of the narrow cobbled streets lined with colourful buildings and nice restaurants.

Tip: Wander around the streets of the Old town

Monaco-Ville is a beautiful place to stroll around. No one`s in a rush here. Some parts of Monaco-Ville have been restored in grand style.


Palais du Prince, Monaco. Roayal palace is the official residence of the Prince of Monaco.
Palais du Prince

Le Rocher, perched on a rocky peninsula high above the Mediterranean is also home to the principality`s royal family. The square in front of the palace offers incredible views.

The official residence of the Prince of Monaco

TIP: Head to the square before 11:55 am and watch the changing of the guards in front of the Prince`s palace. If the flag is flying over the palace, you know the Prince is in the residence.

There are many attractions worth visiting while exploring Monaco-Ville, including the cathedral of Monaco and the world renowned Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium.


 Things to do in Monaco: Musee Oceanographique de Monaco
Musee Oceanographique de Monaco has been built into the cliff face.

Discover the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, one of the largest oceanographic museums in the world with more than 4,000 species of fish. Built on the side of the legendary Rock of Monaco, the museum of marine sciences is located in one of Monaco`s most striking buildings.

For more information visit their website.


Things to do in Monaco: Cathedral of Our Lady Immaculate in Monaco
Cathedral of Our Lady Immaculate built in the late 19th century

The Cathedral of Our Lady Immaculate, sometimes called Sain Nicholas Cathedral, is one of Monaco`s popular landmarks. Located on the Rock of Monaco, this Roman-byzantine cathedral houses the tombs of the royal Grimaldi family. The cathedral of Monaco is also a place where Princess Grace and Prince Ranier got married. An impressive monument is definitely worth a visit if you are in the old part of Monaco.


Things to do in Monaco: La Condamine, Monaco
La Condamine, Monaco

Port Hercule, Monaco`s main harbour, is one of the most iconic harbours in the world. The second oldest district is a place where you can find the luxury yachts worth hundreds of millions of euros. Stroll along the promenade around the harbour and you will spot the typical landmark of Monaco: the stunning yachts, stylish buildings and elegant boutiques, restaurants and bars lining the port. During the Monaco Grand Prix, one of the most anticipated races of the Formula 1, Port Hercule is the centre stage. 

Rue Princesse Caroline street in Monaco City district, Monaco
Rue Princesse Caroline in Monaco City district

The Princes Caroline district is a small pedestrianised area with lots of stylish boutiques and plenty of restaurants.

La Condamine (view from Monaco-Ville):  Monte Carlo, Port Hercule and a Concrete jungle Port de Fontvieille


The population of Monaco is made up mostly of wealthy foreigners. The native Monegasques people are actually in the minority in the country. A person born in a freight country but resident in Monaco is a Monacoian.

Monaco is a city of dreams for someone, but not so beloved by others. It is possible to visit this iconic tourist destination for a few hours and see just the most important highlights, or you can spend a few days here and really explore. Monaco with its glitzy lifestyle has plenty to offer to those who love sensational views, glamorous attractions, luxury shopping, clean streets and the fast pace lifestyle. Love it or hate it, this tax-free haven under the Mediterranean sun will leave a distinct mark on you, whether you want it or not.

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