BURANO: The Best Kept Secret of Venice

If you are trying to escape the grey sky and busy reality, Burano is a perfect place for you. A picture-perfect island jam-packed with colour and charm will undoubtedly raise a smile on your face. Burano`s pastel-painted houses lined with picturesque canals sweeping through the heart of the island could almost trick you into believing you fell through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world. Almost.

Burano, Italy.
The fishing island of Burano is an Instagram sensation.

There are few places in the world as colourful as Burano – a small island in the Venetian lagoon in Italy. Sitting in the shadow of infamously crowded Venice, the most picturesque of the lagoon islands may not be the first place that springs in mind when you are considering a short getaway to the floating city.

 A 45-minute vaporetto ride from Venice will bring you to the islands, connected by cute bridges. Dotted with colourful houses around the canals, UNESCO-listed Burano is an island like no other.


A small archipelago of 4 islands with a population of fewer than 3,000 inhabitants is a beautiful oasis and one of the best – kept secrets of Venice. With its unspoiled vibe, charming restaurants, and pastel-coloured buildings, a trip to Burano can offer variety compared to overwhelming Venice for a fraction of the cost.

Day trip to colourful Burano from Venice in Italy.

With this in mind, Burano`s slower pace and relaxing lifestyle are appealing to those who want to escape from its energetic sister island. In truth, there isn’t much to do on this island, which is why you come here. With no luxury hotels and Venice-style attractions, most visitors are gone by dusk. Keep in mind, though, that crowds are typical, and the main street may be busy, especially during the summer months.

what to do in Burano on a day trip from Venice
While colourful houses might be most people`s expectations of Burano, the island has much more to offer.



The colourful streets of Isola di Burano

No trip to Burano is complete without exploring its pastel-coloured streets. Each twist and turn of Burano`s narrow streets offer colourful delight. Capture your own postcard-perfect moment of this iconic island.


Burano`s colourful history dates back to days when the fishermen painted their houses with bright colours to find easier their homes in the thick fog of the Venetian lagoon.

Burano - the best day trip from Venice
Colourful Isola Di Burano


Burano island with its canals
Burano Island

Next, stroll across three wooden bridges for some of the most picturesque views of Burano`s boat-filled canals.


Burano’s lace is a most precious craft

Apart from being highly photogenic, Burano is well known for its tradition of needle-lace making. In the 16th century, the finest lace of Burano was the most sought after in Europe. The Merletto di Burano, the most famous lace in the world, was owned by the wealthiest European families and kings.


Nowadays, the delicate handmade Burano lace is costly and hard to find. Most of the lace you can find in Burano is not authentic. Hence, look for the tags indicating the item is not made in China.


Those interested in ancient Venetian lace traditions should visit the Lace Museum, located in the Burano`s Piazza Galuppi. Once home to the famous Burano Lace School, the small lace museum traces the history of Burano lace. Besides, it offers lace-making demonstrations from the local women (the best visited early in the morning).


Piazza Galuppi, the liveliest part of the island

Most people head to Piazza Galuppi – the only square on the island created after one of the Burano`s canals was filled in. A unique piazza is a charming place lined with delightful restaurants serving fresh fish and shops selling everything from the lace to souvenirs. Other than that, the social centre of the island is a perfect place to head for a snack or an Aperol Spritz.


The tower of Burano is leaning 1.83 metres due to land subsidence.

Sticking up in the Burano`s skyline is the leaning bell tower of St. Martin`s Church. A lot less known than the one in Pisa, 53 metres (173 feet) high leaning tower is visible from much of the island. One of the symbols of the islands has undergone several restorations over the centuries.


  The best location to admire the leaning tower from the 16th century is from the Terranova`s marble bridge or the Giudecca`s street in Burano.

LA CASA DI BEPI (Bepi`s House)

  • Burano Casa di Bepi

La Casa di Bepi 

Once you have explored the busy piazza, uncover another attraction. Hidden behind the more crowded Via Galuppi, La Casa di Bepi is another must-see place in Burano. The most colourful house of Burano full of geometric shapes used to have a different look every evening, until Bepi passed away.


how to get to Burano, Italy
The public transport system in Venice is cheap and reliable

The Vaporetto water buses are the most affordable way how to get around the Venetian lagoon. The public transport system is excellent with regular vaporetto services around Venice and out to most of the islands. From Piazza San Marco (San Marco Square), walk around 20 minutes to “Fondamente Nove“stop and take Vaporetto line 12. It will take about 45 minutes to reach the island.


Use Google Maps to find the most convenient route or check out the Vaporetto line maps and timetables.

Ecologically minded travellers who would love to explore Burano can get a one-way ticket for €7.50 (a ticket for a journey of up to 75 minutes, including changes to different lines). However, if you would like to visit Murano island (and maybe Torcello), it is cheaper to get a 24-hour travel card for 20 euros.


Alternatively, book a tour to the island of Burano. There are different tours available, with most of them stopping at the nearby islands of Murano and Torcello. Tours with a multilingual guide on the boat can also be booked online. Besides, it is also a great way to get a taste of three islands at once. And, in addition, you don`t have to spend your energy learning how to use local transport – the vaporetto. However, when visiting the island with the tours, you are allowed only about 45 minutes to briefly explore each island.

For those with deep pockets, it is also possible to hire the limousines of Venice – a private water taxi to Burano. This fast and comfortable transport will take you to the island for a cost of €130 and up each way.

To truly absorb the beauty of the island of Burano, it is a good idea to arrive on the island early in the morning, though.

For the better value for your money, consider buying a day or multi-day travel card with unlimited use of the city`s water buses. The costs of tourist travel cards are:

  • 1 day  €20,
  • 2-day travel card €30,
  • 3-day travel card €40
  • 7-day travel card €60.


You must validate a ticket before using the vaporetto. Children less than 6 years old can travel for free. However, those over 6 years must pay the full adult fare. For more information, visit their site.


TIP: Anyone between the ages of 6 and 29 can purchase the “Rolling Venice” card (valid for one year) with special benefits on public transport. The cost of the card is €6 alongside a 3-day ticket for the reduced price of €22.

Burano. Italy.


Murano Island day trip from Venice
Murano is famous worldwide for its glass blowing.

Despite its similar names, Burano and Murano are two different islands located in the Venetian lagoon. Murano, also known as “the Glass Island of Venice,” has been the centre of the glassmaking industry since the 13th century. At that time, the furnaces were moved from Venice to the island due to the fire risk. Today, most tourists visit Murano for its glass blowing and craftsmanship. Live glassblowing demonstrations can be seen in the various factories on the island.

Venice to Burano: The complete guide to visiting the most colourful Italian island
The rainbow island of Burano.

Much like Venice and Murano, Burano is run through by a system of tiny canals connected by bridges. The island of Burano, which is world-famous for its lace and the brightly coloured facades of the houses, is more authentic than its nearby islands.



The tradition of painting houses in Burano continues through the present day. The locals take pride in painting and repainting their rainbow-coloured homes. The consistent colour-coding system, regulated by the local community government, ensures that no two nearby houses will be painted with the same colour. With specific colours permitted in different areas of the island, traditionally, fisherman’s island of Burano is a multi-coloured masterpiece.

Therefore, if homeowners want to repaint their houses with a different colour, they must apply to the local government for approval.

Burano Italy. Find out what not to miss out on your day trip to Burano island.
The Sleepy fisherman island of Burano

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Guide to the Italian island of Burano. Day trip from Venice, Italy


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