Exploring Amberley village, the Pearl of Sussex

Is Amberley the most beautiful village in West Sussex_ We certainly think so. Spend your day in Amberley and explore the Pearl of Sussex.

Famous isn`t always best. Despite being overlooked by visitors, Amberley is undoubtedly a Sussex`s prettiest village. Spend a day here, and it soon becomes obvious why. A beautiful village with thatched-roof cottages and the blooming flowers in the gardens is more than picturesque. It certainly looks like from the pages of a fairy tale. This […]

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Things to do in Dorset before you die

Things to do in Dorset in England before you die

For a great British getaway, look no further than Dorset. A county in southwest England where the cliffs contain many fossils promises breath-taking views and a holiday on a truly monumental scale. What`s more, postcard-perfect scenery of Dorset is also a walker`s paradise. Whether you fancy a romantic coastal escape, or you would like to […]

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Cotswolds villages: 10 of the prettiest places to visit

Prettiest Cotswolds Villages to visit

Travel north-west from London, and you`ll eventually find yourself in the middle of ancient villages where time stopped centuries ago. The first thing you`ll notice about the Cotswolds is its medieval atmosphere. The Cotswolds villages with honey-coloured cottages, narrow streets and centuries-old churches are also full of English charm. What`s more, these quaint chocolate-box places […]

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23 of top things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Best things to do in Dubrovnik in Croatia

It`s no surprise that Dubrovnik is among the top tourist destinations in Croatia. The Dalmatian city, an ideal getaway for a weekend city break, provides several different types of tourist attractions and a vibrant food scene. With over a thousand years of history behind it, Dubrovnik is a beautiful living museum with cultural treasures. Close […]

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Kotor Montenegro: Top things to see & do

Kotor Montenegro: Unmissable things to see & do

More than two thousand years of history live in Kotor, Montenegro. A walled medieval city framed by massive limestone mountains and the sparkling blue Adriatic bay is one of the most scenic destinations in Southern Europe. The ancient town of Kotor may have seen an increase in tourists coming by cruise ships, but it is […]

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Best of the French Riviera: 7 must-see places

Must see places on the French Riviera.

On the southeast corner of France, where the Mediterranean Sea gently laps its shores, lies the French Riviera. A dreamy region well-known worldwide for charming towns like Cannes and Nice is also home to vibrant lavender fields, charming villages with colorful buildings, and incredible food. As well as being one of the most popular getaways […]

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Top things to do in Nice France

Things to do in Nice, France

Bars with cocktails on the terrace, hot beaches with glittering turquoise seas, vibrant street life, and Provençal specialties… If this is how you imagine Nice in France, you are right. The city offers its visitors the best of city life filled with cultural and historical wonders. The beating heart of the French Riviera with a […]

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Montserrat in Spain: Unique Barcelona day trip

Complete guide to visiting Montserrat in Spain.

Perched halfway up the mountain and protected by its peaks, Montserrat in Spain is a tranquil place surrounded by stunning valleys. It`s clear why Montserrat draws the crowds – hundreds of thousands of people can`t be wrong. A jaw-droppingly stunning mountain range offering picture-perfect views over Catalonia is a natural wonderland. In this article, you […]

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Top Things to Do in Bath, UK

Things to do in Bath

Across the globe, several locations are home to impressive Roman landmarks and ruins. English city of Bath is one of them. This picturesque city is famous for imposing honey-coloured Georgian architecture and mineral-rich hot springs, which also attracted the Romans. It’s no surprise that the city of Bath is fast becoming a must-see place to […]

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Top Things To Do in Rome Italy revealed

Rome Travel Italy

Renowned for ancient Roman ruins, world-class museums and medieval piazzas, Rome reveals archaeological treasures on almost every corner. And what treasures they are. With three millennia of history, Rome offers a trip back in time. It is undoubtedly one of the most incredible cities on Earth. Therefore, there are many unmissable things to do in […]

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