Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

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Christmastime is special everywhere, but London certainly knows how to celebrate. When December comes around, and Christmas is just around the corner, London transforms into a wintry wonderland. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is one of the main reasons people choose London as their Christmas destination. This year, Hyde Park’s annual festive event is back for its fifteenth year and is bigger than ever. Some might call it expensive, but Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is, in fact, London’s legendary festive attraction.

For six weeks, London’s most famous Christmas themed funfair attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Thrilling rides, street food stalls and themed bars for grown-ups are not only attractions waiting for you. Winter Wonderland in London also has the UK’s largest outdoor ice rink, the giant wheel and circus. It even has an ice kingdom and ice sculpting workshops. So if you are one of those who would like to get into the Christmas spirit, then this is the place to go.


Where is Winter Wonderland in London located?

If you want to visit Winter Wonderland in London, it is good to know where you can find it. As the name suggests, you can find Winter Wonderland in London in the southeast corner of Hyde Park.

How to get to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

Curious how to get to Winter Wonderland? The nearest tube stations to Winter Wonderland are Hyde Park Corner, Marble Arch, Knightsbridge and Green Park. Bear in mind that during busy times the first two options can get very busy.

Alternatively, several bus routes can get you close to Hyde Park. Also, you can find Victoria station, Paddington and Marylebone stations nearby.


Before visiting, check out the Winter Wonderland map on their website and see which tube station is close to an attraction you would like to visit.

Winter Wonderland began as a small funfair at the edge of Hyde Park. Nowadays, London’s green oasis turns to the UK’s best destination for festive fun. Don’t worry, you will not miss it – just look for the big wheel and the flashing funfair lights.


Do I need to book a ticket for Hyde Park Winter Wonderland?


Before you put your favourite Christmas jumper on you should know about a new entrance ticket system to Winter Wonderland in London. Unlike previous years, everyone who wants to visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park needs to book a ticket in advance. Yes, that is right, you cannot just turn up and walk-in. You will need to pre-book your pass even if you just want to browse the market. It is because organisers are trying to manage crowd sizes and keep everyone safe in this post-lockdown world. Hence, do not forget to download (or print) your e-ticket.


How much are tickets for Hyde Park Winter Wonderland?

This year, you not only have to book a ticket to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, but also you need to pay for an entry at certain times. You also need to choose your entry time and even attractions you would like to visit. Once you are in, you can stay as long as you want. However, you will need to enter attractions during the selected arrival slot. Also, be aware that you still need to pay the entry fee for shows and all activities.

If you are visiting Hyde Park Winter Wonderland during off-peak periods, then the entry is free. If you are visiting during Standard times, the ticket price is £5 per person. Those visiting Winter Wonderland in Peak times should expect to pay £7.50 per person.


The arrival time slots are:

10 am – 1 pm

1 pm – 5 pm

5 pm – 10 pm.



If you spend £20 or more on any of the attractions, rides or food in Hyde Park Winter Wonderland at the time of booking, your entrance tickets will become free. 

An entry fee varies depending on when you decide to arrive at Winter Wonderland.


Things to do at Winter Wonderland in London


Are you eager to know about the best things to do in Winter Wonderland in London? Well, there are many festive activities at Winter Wonderland for visitors of all ages. While some are free of charge, the most popular ones will cost an entry ticket.

There are numerous festive activities at Winter Wonderland for visitors of all ages to enjoy.


Angels Christmas Market

Visiting the Angels Christmas Market at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is an annual tradition for many people. Stroll through the Christmas market and soak up the festive surrounding. Over 100 traditional wooden chalets sell unique gifts, traditional Christmas decorations and even delicious food.


You can find the Angels Christmas Market next to the ice rink. The closest gate to the Angels Market is Blue Entrance.


Ice skating at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Get into the festive spirit and enjoy ice skating in Winter Wonderland. Find out if you are an ice skating champion or not.


Strapping on your ice skates and wobbling around the ice rink is undoubtedly one of the popular things to do in Winter Wonderland in London. Whizz around the UK’s largest outdoor rink in the heart of London’s Hyde Park. The ice rink illuminated with over 100,000 twinkly lights is rather picturesque. Therefore, ice skating is a perfect festive activity for the first dates and for families.


Don’t forget to pre-book ice skating at Winter Wonderland. It is often sold out because of its popularity. Ice rink operates in all weather conditions and is open to all ages and abilities – even wheelchairs. You can bring your own skates or hire them. The closest entrance to the ice rink is Blue Gate. 


The Magical Ice Kingdom

As you probably know, Winter Wonderland in London is also home to the Magical Ice Kingdom. It is a place where you can see a beautiful collection of ice sculptures created from over 500 tonnes of ice and snow. Don’t forget to wrap up warm to make the most of your visit to the Magical Ice Kingdom– expect – 10°C.


The closest entrance to the Magical Ice Kingdom is Gold Gate.


Bar Ice at Winter Wonderland in London

It is easy to see why Bar Ice is one of the popular attractions at Winter Wonderland in London.

Afterwards, head to Bar Ice, where everything you will see is made from ice. Yes, that is right, a bar, all tables, chairs are carved out of natural ice. Even the glasses from which you will sip your drinks. The bar has a constant temperature of around -8°C. Don’t worry, you will even get a pair of gloves and a winter cloak to keep yourself warm.

Visiting Bar Ice is a popular thing to do in Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park every year. Hence, do not forget to pre-book your tickets if you would like a slice of the Arctic North in London.


Your entrance ticket to the frozen magic includes a cocktail chilled to perfection and a 20-minute visit.

The closest entrance to Bar Ice is also Gold Gate.


Ice sculpting workshops

Those who would like to test their skills should go to ice sculpting workshops at Winter Wonderland Hyde Park. Try your hands and create a frosty masterpiece under expert guidance. Not only you can learn new skills, but also it is a fun and challenging experience.

Ice sculpting workshop is one of the unique festive activities at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. The sculpting session lasts 40 minutes. It also includes entry into the Magical Ice Kingdom. The closest entrance to Ice sculpting workshops is Gold gate.


Bavarian village

Whether you are after crepes, churros, or fish and chips, the Bavarian village at Winter Wonderland has plenty of food and drink options. However, bear in mind that they are not the cheapest refuelling option.


If the thought of these frosty festive activities makes you chilly, then head to the Bavarian Village for delicious treats and hot food. Sample some classic German bratwursts and mulled wine in one of the cosy chalets. There are many to choose from – themed bars with fire pits, Bavarian-style restaurants with live music. Also, stop at the Great Hall – it is an Oktoberfest style beer tent. It has live music and non-stop dancing inside.


The Giant Wheel

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is famous for its festive attractions, and the Giant Wheel is one of them. This year, a 70-metre high observation wheel is returning to Winter Wonderland. That means that you can take a ride on the tallest transportable wheel in the world. The multi-coloured funfair wheel lights up after dark and offers impressive views of the festivities below you.


Rides and games at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

It is easy to see why Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is one of the most popular winter events in the United Kingdom. The park attracts visitors daily not only for its Christmas market but also for its games and rides. Winter Wonderland is also one of the largest Christmas fairs in Europe. It is a destination for festive fun, rides and also screams.

There are plenty of rides and games to choose from – all you need to do is buy ride tokens once inside. The Euro Coaster is perfect for thrill-seekers, while others are more traditional funfair rides for adults and kids.


Santa Land

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is child-friendly, too. Visiting Santa Land is a memorable experience for the little ones. There is plenty of rides, attractions and Santa is also ready to meet the little ones. Plus, Santa Land is free to visit.

You may not know it, but Winter Wonderland in London is a place where the little ones can meet up with the man in red. Yes, that is right, Santa Claus himself takes up residency in Santa Land. He is waiting to meet every child at Santa’s Grotto. It is a memorable experience designed for the families to enjoy a day in the land of Santa.

Visiting Santa at Santa Land is one of the most popular free things to do at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland for families with children. Not only do kids have a chance to meet Santa himself, but also well-behaved children receive a gift. Though, prepare for long queues.



The closest gate to Santa Land in Winter Wonderland is the Red Gate.


Circus shows at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

If you are a fan of circus shows, you should know that Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is also home to circus shows. Yes, that is right, you can see here not one but two circus shows. One of them is Zippo’s Christmas Circus with clowns and impressive aerial and acrobatic magic. This show offers an unforgettable experience, especially for families. The other one is Cirque Berserk – a circus show showcasing the finest in traditional circus crafts and skill. It is suitable for a more mature audience.

Have you been to Winter Wonderland in London? What was your favourite attraction there?


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