Montserrat in Spain: Unique Barcelona day trip

Perched halfway up the mountain and protected by its peaks, Montserrat in Spain is a tranquil place surrounded by stunning valleys.

It`s clear why Montserrat draws the crowds – hundreds of thousands of people can`t be wrong. A jaw-droppingly stunning mountain range offering picture-perfect views over Catalonia is a natural wonderland.

complete guide to visitng Montserrat Spain
Tooth-shaped Mountain range near Barcelona

In this article, you will find everything about visiting Monserrat in Spain. Although it can get crowded during the day, Montserrat is one of the biggest travel surprises while in Barcelona. A visit to Montserrat needs to be on your list, even if you are non-believers.


Montserrat Spain Travel Guide
Whatever your reason for coming to Montserrat in Spain is, you will be amazed

Visiting Montserrat on a day trip from Barcelona allows you to experience the tranquil Catalonia countryside. Although there are many tourist attractions in Barcelona, it is a shame that Montserrat is overlooked by many tourists.

The region with oddly shaped dramatic mountains, a hidden monastery, and incredible flora and fauna is a getaway for many reasons. For many pilgrims, a journey to Montserrat is only a religious experience. However, for the vast majority of visitors hiking, and climbing are the main appeals of the national park.

Whatever your reasons are, make sure you have plenty of space on your camera. There are plenty of photo opportunities everywhere you go, and you will be forgiven for thinking this was just another tourist trap.


Not to be confused with Montserrat Island in the Caribbean, Montserrat in Spain is the symbol of Catalan identity. A holy mountain is also is one of the most spectacular natural parks in Spain.

hiking in Montserrat Spain
It`s no surprise to learn that Montserrat means “saw mountain” in Catalan.

A visit to Montserrat is also a great way to spend a day away from overwhelming Barcelona.


A visit to the Monserrat Monastery and museums takes about 2-3 hours, although it does not include the time it takes getting there. If you are planning to do some hiking, one whole day is needed.


Try to arrive in Montserrat as early as possible – the monastery gets crowded, and long queues for the black Madonna in the basilica are very common.


how to get there


The most popular way of getting to Montserrat is travelling by train. Take the regional “FGC train” in the R5 line towards Manresa from the Plaça d’Espanya in Barcelona, which leaves every hour. The journey to the bottom of the mountain takes about one hour and five minutes. The FGC train to Montserrat departs hourly from 08:36 am.

TIP: The trains to Montserrat are not marked clearly, and you need to look for an “FGC” sign.


When buying a return ticket to Montserrat, you will need to plan ahead and decide whether you would like to take the cable car or the funicular (the rack railway).

Combined and single tickets for the “FGC train” to Montserrat from Barcelona can be purchased in advance at the Plaça d’Espanya station or online.


Those who would like to take the cable car need to get off the train at the station “Aeri de Montserrat.” Alternatively, for the funicular, you need to get off from the train at the next station, “Monistrol de Montserrat.”

Don`t forget to check the train schedule ahead of time so you don`t miss the last train back to Barcelona.

A five-minute cable car ride to Montserrat Monastery offers stunning views. The queues to the cable car during holidays can be longer, though.

The 15-minute rack railway ride to Montserrat also offers beautiful views. A rack railway ride is also an excellent option for those with a fear of heights.


Driving to Montserrat from Barcelona is a quick and convenient option. The journey to the hidden monastery is one of the most scenic roads in Spain but has some hairpin turns, though.


When driving to Montserrat, you will need to decide whether you would like to park right next to Montserrat Monastery or at the bottom of the mountain.

After arriving in Montserrat, you can park right next to Montserrat Monastery. The paid parking at a Monastery that requires the walk up the hill is open 24 hours.

As the capacity of parking spaces near the monastery is limited, it is worth remembering that another car park with a greater parking capacity is located at the Cremallera de Monistrol station. After you park your car, take the funicular (the rack railway) to the top.

If you decide to leave your car at a free car park (the Monistrol Vila Car Park), don`t forget to check a schedule for the last funicular. Otherwise, you will need to walk 8 km (5 miles) to your car.


Those who don`t want to rent a car or travel by train can take an organized group tour to Montserrat. Several companies offer organized trips to Montserrat from Barcelona with a possibility to explore the area at your own pace.

Besides, affordable bus tours are a more sustainable option than renting a car and driving on your own. With the logistics sorted out, traveling in a big group tour also ensures that you will minimize your carbon footprint.


Here is our list of activities you can do in Montserrat in Spain on a day trip from Barcelona.


Montserrat Monastery

The legend has it that the statue of St. Mary was discovered in a cave on Montserrat Mountain, and the monastery sprang up around it. The holy place has been gaining in popularity ever since.

The Montserrat Monastery, with thousands of years of history, attracts people to worship the image of St. Mary. A religious pilgrimage site is a home to a community of seventy Benedictine monks devoted to prayer, who follow the Orders of St. Benedict (6th century).


The Monastery is not open to visitors to respect the monk`s way of life.


St Mary`s square Montserrat

The large area carved out of the mountain that forms la Plaça de Santa Maria consists of three squares. Stop here and truly appreciate the beauty of Montserrat`s architecture.


Basilica Santa Maria de Montserrat
Santa Maria de Montserrat

Santa Maria de Montserrat is one of the main attractions in Montserrat for many visitors. Constructed in the Gothic tradition, the Basilica also uses Renaissance shapes and traditional Catalan architecture.

The ancient Basilica was completely rebuilt after being destroyed by the Napoleonic war. Santa Maria de Montserrat that we can see nowadays is the result of the 19th-century renovation.

The legend has it that the Benedictine Abbey was once home to the Holy Grail; hence the Abbey was demolished by the Napoleonic troops.

Basilica in Montserrat inside
The Basilica`s dome is one of the artistic gems of Montserrat and of all modern Catalan painting.

The Basilica with marbled floors and gold interior is free to enter. Beyond its doors, the main draws of the Basilica are the Montserrat choir and the statue of the Virgin Mary and her infant son.

Many burning candles are lit daily in the Basilica. Every candle symbolizes a prayer to St. Mary.


Black Madonna
Black Madonna, the Virgin of Montserrat

When in the Basilica, don`t forget to meet the Black Madonna. The miracle-working wooden statue of the Black Virgin, framed in a gorgeous setting, is located above the high church`s altar.

Known by many names, “La Moreneta” or the St. Mary of Montserrat is the Patroness of Catalonia and one of the most essential things to see in Montserrat in Spain.

The statue of the Black Virgin with healing powers can be touched, although during busy times, a long queue can be expected.


The stairs to the Cambril de la Mare de Déu (where La Moreneta can be found) are to the right on the Basilica`s main entrance.


Another typical symbol of Montserrat is Montserrat`s boys’ choir. Known as L’ Escolania, the internationally known choir composed of 14 years old kids is one of the oldest boys` choirs in Europe.

The prestigious choir recognized for a specific type of singing enjoys concert performances all over the world. To see the choir at Montserrat, you need to plan your visit to the Basilica accordingly. The famous choir performs only twice per day.


Montserrat Museum Spain
The various rooms in the museum contain an extensive collection of artefacts.

After visiting the basilica, don`t forget to visit museums at Montserrat. There are 2 museums: Montserrat Museum and the Espai Audio Visual.


If you have an hour, the Montserrat museum located just around the corner from the monastery is a perfect option. Over the years, the museum has become one of the most exciting museums to visit in Catalonia. The museum with an extensive collection of artworks is featuring works by artists such as Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Caravaggio, and many others. The museum also hosts treasures from Ancient Egypt.


The Espai Audio Visual, located inside the Monastery`s book shop, is another museum. Inside the audio-visual room, you will find an exposition providing information about the history of Montserrat. The Espai Audio Visual illustrates the daily lives of the monks. It also informs about a legend of the statue of the Black Virgin and the geology of Montserrat. Those who miss the prestigious boys` choir can get here feel for its performance through the videos.


After a long day exploring Montserrat, don`t forget to stop at the market opposite the Mirador dels Apostols. Buying traditional products such as olives, fresh cheese, or honey is a great way how to support the locals.


Montserrat Natural Park Spain

If museums aren`t your thing and you prefer to spend some time outdoors, Montserrat has some beautiful hiking areas. Enjoy nature at Montserrat Natural Park, one of Catalonia`s most beautiful regions, with scenic views. There are many hiking trails throughout Montserrat – some of them are easily walkable, while others are more intense.

When deciding what hike you should go for, consider your fitness level and how much time you have for exploring the area.

Montserrat Natural Park, with beautiful views, attracts nature lovers.


Montserrat hike Spain

If you are looking for a more challenging hike, consider hiking from the valley up to the Montserrat Monastery. Adventurous hikers can expect a strenuous journey with stunning views. Montserrat hike is one of the longest trecks and is an alternative to taking the funicular or the cable car.

TIME NEEDED: 2-3 hours one way, depending on your fitness level


The Cross of Saint Miquel is another popular hike when in Montserrat. A 45-minute walk from the Montserrat Monastery is an easy hike with spectacular views over the valley of Catalonia.


The hike to Santa Cova`s chapel is one of the most popular ones and is easy. According to the legend, an image of the Virgin Mary has been seen in Sancta Cova. And the statue of the Black Madonna was found here.

TIME NEEDED: 1 hour (one way)

GOOD TO KNOW: Those who would like to visit Santa Cova but don`t want to hike here can also take the funicular to Santa Cova


Sant Joan hike Montserrat
Sant Joan Chapel

Last but not least, if you are up for a long hike, the Sant Joan chapel should be your choice. About 1 hour and 15 minutes long hike with incredible views of Catalonia is a beautiful walk for those who would like to see the local countryside.


To get to Sant Joan`s, you have three choices: you can take St Michael`s Path (Cami de Sant Miquel) or the Stairway of the poor (Escala dels pobrees).

The easiest way to get to San Joan is to take the funicular railway. The lower station of the funicular railway to St Joan is to the right of the St. Michael`s Path. The ride with the panoramic views of the monastery takes about 7 minutes.

Once at the top, you are at “Tarantula square, from where you take several different hikes.

Montserrat hiking map Spain

If you continue further along the Sant Joan`s path, you will reach the cave where the shrines of St Joan and St. Onofrius were located.


Stairway to Heaven
Stairway to Heaven surrounded by a big gate to prevent people from climbing up it.

If you`re after the “Stairway to Heaven” when visiting Montserrat, you should know it is illegal to climb it. A monument of nine large concrete blocks stacked together to look like a stairway has gained a lot of popularity on social media.

The famous Stairway to Heaven, known as Escala de l’Enteniment, is located near the car park, just east of the Mirador Restaurant.

At one time, the sculpture was a popular object to climb. However, due to the lack of safety standards, now a fence surrounds it. Unfortunately, some people don`t respect barriers and climb a work of art when the guards are not looking.


climbing in Catalonia

With no surprise, more adventurous souls come to Montserrat to climb the mountain. Montserrat Mountain in Catalonia is one of the most popular climbing spots in Spain. The steep peaks are a spectacular place to climb, although only for those with a lack of fear.


It is important to remember that Montserrat has a damp Mediterranean climate, and it is always chillier and breezier here. When visiting, you will notice a significant temperature drop compared to that at the bottom of the mountain, hence dress up warmer. Don`t forget to cover your shoulders when visiting Montserrat Basilica. If you plan to hit the trails, comfortable shoes are a must.


When visiting Montserrat in Spain, it is worth mentioning that there is a limited number of places where to eat. Though restaurants are not very expensive, be ready not to have your taste buds blown away.

La Cafeteria and Self-service restaurants offer more affordable options with a variety of fast food and drinks. Bar de la Plaça is another café where sandwiches or hamburgers can be purchased. Those who are looking for formal restaurants, Restaurant Montserrat, and Restaurant Abat Cisneros are your only options. If you are short on time and you don`t want to spend your precious time, consider bringing your own snacks. Alternatively, buy a meal in a small supermarket or in one of the local market stalls.


best time to visit Montserrat in Spain

When visiting Montserrat in Spain, try to avoid weekends (especially Sundays) when both tourists and locals visit the mountain. However, Montserrat Monastery is manageable in the summer months if you start exploring before the tour buses arrive.

Those who are not planning to go hiking should visit Montserrat in the afternoon to benefit from smaller crowds. Keep in mind the hours of sunshine and timetables as they vary according to the season.

It is also worth noting that The Boys’ Choir sings at 1 pm, although the Choir is not always present at Montserrat. The Boys’ Choir cannot be seen during the summer months, in the Christmas and Easter holidays, and on Saturdays all year around.

Visiting Montserrat from Barcelona is a popular getaway for all kinds of travellers. We absolutely loved every second of this unique place, and we hope you do as well!

day trip to Montserrat from Barcelona
Day trip from Barcelona to Montserrat in Spain.

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